Difficulty in Choosing the right earrings for your occasion? Now, I want to share my experience here about what I decide to wear in my mind and what I actually wear!!! You must be thinking that YES! This is true. You don’t wear that same earring which you bought with your dress or suddenly you start thinking that Ahhhh. it’s not even matching. I always end up wearing that same old comfortable, can be wore on any dress earring. It happens with me always but not now.

I will share my thoughts about how to choose that one earring you want to wear which exactly matches, comfortable, and in the budget.

1)According to your Face Cut/Shape :
I know in our busy lives, we don’t have much time to get ready, so I am sure that when we go to the store we buy those earrings which look good and we think this will match. Here I will not tell you about the face shape stuff, because personally, I believe that we should wear what we love no matter what our face shape is.
To give you a better understanding I divide faces into two categories:

  • Oval and Narrow-Oval faces should wear teardrop earrings, drop earrings.
  • Narrow faces -They should go for Longer earrings (something at the end), Stud Earrings.

oval face earrings

2)According to your Occasion:
Choosing the right earring which your dress is very important as it can enhance your look or make your look bad.

  • Formal Event-Try Classy/Elegant not very bright colors. Hoops/drop earrings are the ones you can choose from.
  • Party-Try Big Hoops, You can play with colors.
  • Night Outs – Try to be funky, bold colors or some big patterns. Afterall you are going out with your girls.
  • Office-I suggests having minimal jewelry as you have to work long hours. Studs are the best option.

3)According to Dress:
I always try to buy earrings with a particular size, color, shape. In your earring collection always keep these three things in mind. I want you to keep one thing in mind: DIAMONDS-Your Best Friend

  • Simple Tank and Jeans or Tank Dress– Try Studs or Small Hoops.
  • Neckline Dress-When I wear long neckline dress I prefer to skip earring and wear a nice necklace whether very heavy necklace or some kind of choker depending on Occasion or if you really want to wear earrings – Long Dangle Earrings perfect for summer.
  • Halter Dress-In these kinds of dresses I prefer bracelets, not earrings. I always want my accessories to show, not hiding in my hair.
  • Strapless Dress-Uhh… I love these because now I can wear my Long Statement Earrings.
  • Black Simple Dress– Diamonds
4)According to Budget:
For me I love earrings, and if I don’t consider my budget, I can spend my full earnings in earrings. So, budget is always one thing which is important because that way I can buy more earrings :). I have some good pair of diamond earrings as they are life savers when I don’t have anything matching or not in a mood to wear long or any kind of earrings, I wear those. But Cubic zirconia is not a bad option. They look good and come in many style and great colors. I also try earring sets (contain good 5-6 pairs of earrings)-all sizes which you can buy online.